Have: Spathiphyllum 'Domino', Caladium 'Florida clown' and more

Cuttings/plants only for trade.
locking for variegated/ striped/ multicolored (natural works) plants within:
Colocasia/ Caladium/ Calathea roseopicta/ Fittonia
Aglaonema(not Siam/Cutlass)/ Sansevieria…

Or other variegated outside Pillea/Peperomia)
but not before next spring (April 2021)

-Aglaonema very pink ‘Harlequin’ or similar?
-Spathiphyllum ‘Domino’ Beautiful :slight_smile:
-Spathiphyllum ‘Silver Cupido’ BUT! variegation doesn’t show? Any tip to why, to young perhaps (the original plant had it)???
-Caladium bicolor, identical to ‘Florida clown’ from Asia and doesn’t fall dormant in winter?
-Dracena marginata ‘Sunray’
-Marantha unnamed. Like ‘Kerchoviana’ but with red veins that fades to those of ‘Lemon lime’.
-Marantha ‘Kerchoviana’ variegated
-Pellionia repens
-Sansevieria unknown: Green centered with variegation on edges like ‘Silver flame/Whitney’ or ‘Black gold’
-3 odd and still tiny beautiful Syngonium (one lime one narrow dark pink centered and one probably Pixie)
-Tradescantia Minima or Callisia Repens? tiny tiny tiny :slight_smile:
-3 coral cactus, Rhipsalis? + Lepismium bolivianum

All commercial Chlorophytums on the market! right identified( 10 (11) )!
-Variegatum (not commercially sold after 2000, second smallest)
-Atlantic (smallest variety)
-Irish (If you buy an unnamed white-edged plant you probably get this one)
-Bonnie green
-Hawaiian/Golden glow (Chlorophytum viridescens)

Of course Vittatum and Green (Lemon seems to be a hoax/sales pitch, but I also have it, but I don’t include it. Bonnie ‘Caribbean’ is a regular Bonnie)

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Hi there! I have a light pink fittonia if you want to trade… where are you from?

Yes! Depends on what you’re interested in? I might not have a valid plant yet? Lives in North of Sweden, close to the (arctic circle)

Can still swap for a month or so :wink:

Sorry, l think trade is misleading! I only intend to swap plants so I will try to erdo this listing, sorry

I only intend to SWAP plants by pist. Not buying or selling.
Sorry, but I can’t change the text anymore…

Hey there! Sure, for trade I meant swap! I’m also only into swapping these days :upside_down_face: I would be interested in any maranta cuttings you have, if that would be suitable for you? If so we can message privately to sort out timing and details, cause I haven’t chopped my fittonia yet so it needs to root… let me know!