HAVE: small rooted Ficus Lyrata cutting


I have a small ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig) cutting ready to be shipped off, I’d quite like a monstera adansonii but I’m not picky, I like anything weird and wonderful!

Here is a photo:

Let me know what you have! :grin:


Hi! I don’t have a wild range, but I’ve got tons of succulent leaves and cuttings coming along well (key lime pie plant and a few unknowns), as well as some string of pearls cuttings and a pilea peperomioides with lots of babies. Some photos of what I have are here. I can als take a cutting off my monstera delicosa, and I have lots of spider plant babies.

Anything interest you?

I actually have a adansonii (small one) I would happy to swap. I needed a young one that was still upright and one of its arms has been pesky and flopped over. I’d happily chop it off.


I’m not very interested in succulents, unfortunately. I also have a pilea and a monstera deliciosa, along with a massive spider plant and a string of perls :frowning_face:

Do you have anything else?

hello! would you be able to post a photo of it?

Will do in the daylight :slight_smile:

Hiya! I have lots of lovely plants that I could take cuttings from, see the pictures below :)) let me know if you’re interested in any!

Are you still looking to swap? I have a monstera adansonii I can take a cutting from! If you are interested, I can send you a picture later today?
I can root the cuttings before sending them if you prefer :slight_smile:

Hello! Is the 5th photo a satin pothos? I’d be interested in that! :slight_smile:

Hiya, yes it is! I’d love to do a trade, I haven’t rooted any cuttings yet I can either send you a cutting to root yourself or put it in water and send it to you once it’s rooted ! :slight_smile:

This is the monstera adansonii, I can take cuttings from the two longer stems in the back

I also have a monstera peru I can easily take cuttings from

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I can root it myself! DM your details! :slight_smile:

@idv I would love a cutting of your Monstera Adansonii, however I do not have many unusual plants! I am a newbie so don’t know the names, but have the plants in the images below:

I think this is a Calathea Roseopicta.

Again I think this is a Tradiscantia Zebrina?

I also have a small rubber plant, but unsure if I can take cuttings from it?

Calathea picturata :+1: :blush:

Hi! Thanks for your message :blush: Let’s try expanding your collection :wink:
I might be interested swapping calathea picturata for the monstera adansonii cutting. However I’m pretty sure calatheas can only be propagated by division, do you think you can take a division of your plant? I must say I’m also looking for a ficus elastica :relaxed: But off course your plant has to be big enough, I don’t know the size :slight_smile:

Hi @Idv, I will take pictures when I get home and DM you. I’m a complete novice when it comes to propagation, so you’ll have to help me out if that’s okay?
My Ficus Elastica is quite a young plant, so i’m not sure if I can but you might know a bit more?

Hi, great! I have divided calatheas before so I can definitely help you with that :wink:

I’d love some monstera peru if there’s anything from my list you’re interested in.