Have: SCOBY for kombucha

Hi guys, not sure if it’s ok to post this here but figured a SCOBY is a living thing of sorts that someone might be interested in! Admins, please feel free to remove the post if you feel it’s inappropriate.

I’ve been brewing my own continuous batch of kombucha for the last year and the SCOBY has grown so huge it’s taken up almost half of the 5litre container. If anyone would like a piece of it, i can slice off a disc for you to start your own.

My recipe has been 700ml cooled and sweetened green tea with tulsi tea. Leave for a week or so and it’s ready to drink.

Looking for a cutting or simply postage costs if preferred!



Yes! I would be interested in this. Do you want to swap something for it?

Fab. I’m happy with a swap! let me know what you’d be happy to exhange it for :slight_smile:

Hi. I’ve been dying to try making kumbucha but would need some instruction!! Would you be able to point me The right direction!!
I have some kalonchoe plantlets listed on here at the mo but will be listing other cuttings this week or happy to pay postage. Fab idea to list this !!

Ooooh great! I’d be interested to know what you might be listing later on :wink: I’ve got a few kalanchoes already so looking to diversify!

Dm me your address and we can arrange a swap! :slight_smile:

How do I send a dm in here?

Tap the person’s name and then Message. It opens a new screen where you can compose the private message.

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