Have - scindapsus silvery Ann ,golden Pothos , peperomia hope, monstera deliciosa


Hi, I have loads of cuttings of scindapsus silvery Ann and golden pothos plus cuttings and a plant of peperomia hope and I also have a yound monstera deliciosa plant too. The monstera is quite big so I dont really know how I’ll ship it as it can be quite expensive but if you’re interested we can work something out.

Im open to any suggestions in terms of what i get back but I’m only interested in a equal swap. Ive been getting messages on my Instagram that are asking for big philodendrons when they only have spider plant babies and its getting really annoying.

I don’t check my emails regularly so ill try to respond quickly but i might take a day or two! :heart:

Hey, I would be interested in some swaps, have a look at my Instagram and see if there is anything that you are interested in :blush:

Hi! I would love some Pothos or Peperomia!

I have:
Peperomia Rotundifolia
Jade plant
Ficus Benjamina (I think)
Crassula Rupestris (a tiny bit)
A tiny bit of Stapelia Orbigata
Mother of millions

Can send pictures if you’re interested :blush: