Have: Scindapsus exotica, philodendrons, several succulents

Hi all,

New to this — very first post here. Excited to start swapping.

I have lots of rooted and unrooted Scindapsus Exotica cuttings if any one is looking.

Other plants that I have for unrooted cuttings

P. Micans
P. Cordatum
P. Hastatum (silver sword)
P. Lemon lime (upright)
Peperomia sp
Dischidia sp
Begonia maculata (medora)
Asst. succulents such as Sedum firestorm (have baby plants for some sedums)
Burro’s tail
Jade gollum
Snake plants

Other rooted
Pothos (Golden)
Dracena (Song of Jamaica)

I’m looking for philodendron Brandtianum, Birkin
and Xanadu cuttings. And also Cebu Blue and Baltic Pothos.

Please reach out with any questions.

Thanks :blush: