Have Sansevierias!

It is just baby boncel up for trades :laughing:

just the baby trifasciata :+1:

Annnnnnd this super special baby came with my most recent Sansevieria!!
Baby black dragon :dragon:

Oh yeah!! Make me an offer! I am keen on most plants :laughing:


Omg… I have zz raven and marble queen coming to me this week. I don’t have ‘mother in laws tongue’ or ‘black dragon’, yet… hehe x

They’re great easy care plants, happy enough in a darker spot with infrequent watering and they also do the c0² To 0² thing at night too so great for oxygenating at nighttime !! :+1:

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Wow! I’d like a Sanseveria :heart_eyes:

I’ve got these plants, don’t know if you want anything in particular.

Tadenscantia tricolor
Clorophitum Comosum, lots of small/big rooted plants
Pilea Peperomides, around 10 plants medium size
Rooted echeveria leaves (don’t know specific names), I could send a photo
Calathea Picturata, no rooted leaves, but I’ll put in water before sending
Monstera Deliciosa, same of Calathea
Echinopsis white flower, no rooted
Zamicula ZZ Plant, just one cut left
Hoya Krimson Queen (or Tricolor)
Phachyphytum blu and pink (Moonstone succulent) some rooted leaves
Opuntia subdulata
Graptosedum blue (don’t know the specific name)
Graptopetalum violet
Crassula Hobbit
Crassula Ovata (Jade plant) rooted, small plants or rooted leaves.
Crassula Ovata variegated, I should send no rooted leaves, the plant it’s too small
Crassula arborescens
Senecio crassissimus
Echeveria Pearl of Nuremberg (leaf rooted)

Dendrobium Stardust Firebird

Can I see pics of these two? :blush:
The rest I pretty much have :sweat_smile:

This I think is Graptopetalum paraguayense


I have these two guys

Mildred… that trifasciata baby!! I only wish I had something you’d want :rofl:
Ive a strange variegated opuntia? Erm… bet you haven’t got a yucca baby hehe. Ok Im grasping at straws here :slight_smile:

Monocantha? Yes i have him :joy: I can saved baby if you like x

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Its not showing you “two guys” but I have a ghostie already :cold_sweat:

Yeah that’s the one I have. Does yours bloom? There are loads of red buds on mine but no blooms as such yet. Save him for me, yes pls, meanwhile I WILL find one you want haha :rofl:

None of my cactus have bloomed for me :anguished: but the new growth has been coming in pink :+1:

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