HAVE: Sansevieria Bantel's Sensation, Sansevieria Manolin/Metallica, Monstera adansonii, Selenicereus anthonyanus (ric rac)

HAVE: rooted divisions of sansevierias Bantel’s Sensation and Manolin/Metallica, rooted cuttings of Monstera adansonii, cuttings of selenicereus anthonyanus (a.k.a. St Anthony’s cacus or ric rac or zig zag)

WANT: Hoyas! I have H. Krimson Queen, H. longifolia, and H. variegata Rubra - but I’m looking for almost any other variety atm, hit me up.

ALSO v interested in epiphytic cacti such as jungle and orchid cacti, so epiphyllum, lepismium, cereus, rhipsalis (other than baccifera), etc.


DM me on IG :slightly_smiling_face: @farm.coast.house.plants

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Hey, I have some hoyas. I’d be interested in your ric rac! You can find me on IG @thecamillestjungle

I’ve got hoya obvata and kerrii as well as a rhipsalis! I’m interested in your ric rac! Message me on instagram if you’re interested! I’m @ botanicalbailey !

Hi! I have rubra variegata. Interested in the ric rac!

Throwing my hat in for the ric rac cactus. I have hoya obvata, hoya carnosa compacta (hindu rope), hoya carnosa, hoya curtisii, and hoya cubit. DM me at thelushleafcollective on instagram, or through here. Cheers!

I have a Hoya carnosa that’s over 100 years old! And I’d love to get some of your M. Adansonii if you’d like to do a trade?

hi margaret! i’m starting adansonii cuttings for you, won’t be long if you’re still interested… cheers, Julie

Fantastic! I have some nice Hoya cuttings with healthy roots so let me know when you’re ready!

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Dm’d you on IG. I have some night blooming cereus.