Have RT, H.Mathilde, H. Hindu rope, SOH

Variegated monstera,
Hindu rope var,
Hoya polyneura
Pep scandens variagata,
Pink princess Philodendron
Hoya linearis
silver soh
White knight philodendron

To trade I have these plants
Juvenile raphidophora tetrasperma
Hoya mathilde
Hoya compacta/Hindu rope
Rhipsalis baccifera

Unrooted/cuttings(I can root these for you, if that is prefered):
String of hearts-green
Trailing peperomia
Hoya carnosa
Philodendron micans, silver stripe, brasil
Cebu blue/epipremnum pinnatum
Scindapsus exotica and argyraeus
Monstera adansonii, wide form
Various peperomia, aglaonema, succulents.

Probably others that I’m forgetting. I’m on Instagram @Vikizplants if you see something that interests you just ask if cuttings are available. Faster responsive on IG, as I don’t check in here often.
Located in Salem, OR. All rooted plants will probably be sent bare root with some sphagnum moss

I would love to get an unrooted cutting of M.adansonii but I don’t have anything that you want. I live in Portland, OR.

Any other interesting trailing plants and or hoya that I dont have mentioned?