HAVE: rooted watermelon peperomia

6/14 Edit: All out - thanks, everyone!

Hi, I have string of pearls! Can I trade for some watermelon pep and oxalis?

Hi! I actually have a trade set up for string of pearls now so I am all set. Is there anything else you have to trade? Feel free to send me a dm here or on instagram. Which oxalis are you referring to (is it from my instagram?)- the new bulbs/iron cross one?

Hi! I have Plumeria cuttings, both fresh and rooted. Also pencil cactus cuttings. Small snake plants. Small peace lilies.

Any watermelon peperomia left?

I do! Is your pencil cactus firestick, by chance? :slight_smile:

I have spider plant, wandering jew, pothos, purslane!

Unfortunately I’m all out now, but I’ll try to get some more cuttings when I can.

Was referring to the green regnelii (?)

Ahh sorry, I only have the iron cross oxalis bulbs that I could trade - the other oxalis is an heirloom plant from a deceased relative and I’m not ready to part with any of it. :pensive: