Have - rare houseplants and succulents = Looking to do a big swap

I have some syngonium cream allusion and syngonium strawberry cream ready to swap if you don’t have these. Should have a couple other varieties ready to swap soon too.

Hi there! I’m really sorry but I’m pretty sure I have both of them. If you have anything else let me know! :slight_smile:

I have a jewel orchid (Macodes Patola). I’d be interested in a variegated syngonium, if you’d be happy to swap. I can take a photo if you’re interested.

I actually already have one, sorry :heart:

I’ve got a few others but they need to grow a bit before I can take cuttings. The pink variegated one is pretty slow growing. And my wedlandii is just getting going now the seasons have changed. If you are interested in these I’ll keep you in mind once I take cuttings


Sorry not the pic of the wedlandii :joy:

Yeah I’d definitely up for swapping for a cutting of either of those once they’re big enough. I’ll probably have some interesting syngoniums to swap by then too as mine are also too small currently. Let me know once they’re big enough and I’ll happily send something over :heart:

I have what I believe to be a Rabbit’s foot maranta and a Haworthia, would you be open to cuttings of either of them for a Rhaphidophora tetrasperma please?


I’d love to do a swap for the coleus, rhapidophora (not sure I have anything valuable enough to swap for this) and/or satin pothos. Do you have any interest in any of these:

  • Syngonium ‘Neon Robusta’ baby rooted plant
  • Begonia ‘Flirty Girl’ (pink) baby rooted plant
  • Muehlenbeckia complexa ‘Triloba’ fresh cuttings or might be able to separate a chunk :laughing:
  • Peperomia rotundifolia fresh cuttings
  • Epiphyllum anguliger rooted cutting
  • Crassula rupestris v. monticola rooted cuttings
  • Crassula muscosa fresh cuttings or rooted

(I can root up any of the fresh cuttings before sending if needed)

I bought an oxalis sunset velvet from your etsy shop recently btw and it’s doing so well!

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Hey there!
I thought I recognised your name (thank you for leaving me a lovely review :heart:

I’ve currently ran out of the rhaphidophora tetrasperma but I can offer cuttings, or some rooted plantlets of the Pothos and the coleus too. (I also checked your other post on here and noticed you were looking for some marimo moss balls that I can trade too if you’re interested? I actually have a couple things on your wishlist)

I’d definitely be interested in your begonia baby plus both the crassulas and maybe the epiphyllum if you’re OK swapping that much. Like I said I have some other stuff I can swap too so I’d I’m asking for too much let me know and I’ll add some other stuff too.

If you still want to swap pm me and we can talk more there! :heart:

I couldn’t tell if I attached you in my previous message so just incase :slight_smile:

I’ve got an etsy shop too selling greeting cards and handpainted plant pots, currently not active working on restocking, so I know how important reviews are and you sent it so well!

Will pm you to sort out details :slight_smile:

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are you interested in A Sygnonium Neon Robusta?
I also have some tradescantias: Callisia Repens, Tradescantia Pallida, Tradescantia Quadricolor, Tradescatia Zebrina, Tradescantia Nanouk… And some other plants like Monstera peru, Begonia Maculata, begonia angel Wing, Monstera adonsii…

Hi there!

I don’t know if I’d be interested in your syngonium however I’d definitely be interested in your tradescantia nanouk and your begonias! :heart:

What do you want? Pm me what you like :slight_smile:

^ :slight_smile:
Forgot to reply

Would you be interested in a Royal Queen Philodendron?

Depending on what you’d like yeah! Pm me with what you’re interested in xx

Variegated, aroids, monsteras, philodendrons- exotic and rare.

What would consider a fair trade?

My Royal Queen is well stablished.

Pm me please xxxxxxx

Did you get my message?

I’m looking for a Ficus Triangularis cutting…