Have: Prayer plant cutting and more

Hi! About a two weeks ago I put a cutting of my prayer plant in water and it’s been doing really well! I also recently put some cuttings of a Begonia Rex and Peperomia Caperata in water, so I expect some roots in the near future.

To summarize, these are the cuttings I have:
Prayer plant
Begonia Rex
Peperomia Caperata
Peperomia “Watermelon”
String of pearls

If you happen to want pictures, please ask! I tried to upload some, but couldn’t access them.
Feel free to offer anything, as I’m not sure what I’m looking for. One thing I’ve been wanting is a raven ZZ plant, or one of those polka dot plants :smile:

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Evening I have hoya cuttings available, any good?

Sorry, I’m not that interested in hoyas, but thanks!

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I would be interested in any that you are willing to share. I am trying to build my collection and don’t have any to trade at the moment. Thank you!


I’m interested in a watermelon peperomia!

I have the following plants/cuttings available:

Purple oxalis (my outdoor ones are dormant at the moment so can send roots)

Purple Zebrina cuttings

Donkeys tail succulent babies

Pilea Peperomioides (lots of established plants about 2 years old now as well as babies)

Baby carnivorous sundew

Spider plant cuttings

String of hearts

Many Thanks.

I have got a Raven ZZ, but haven’t tried/started propagating it yet… I’ve got all the ones you’re offering already… I don’t suppose you’ve got a Pink Princess Philodendron?

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I have loads of peperomia caperata, so I could probably send you a cutting or two of it!

I’m very interested in a pilea, I’ve wanted one for quite some time! Please dm me :slight_smile:

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No, sorry, I don’t. I have a calathea stromanthe triostar, but I’ve never propagated one, a neon photos and what I think might be a variegated Aglaonema modestum (It didn’t come with a tag or anything, see picture below)

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I do have some spotty spot spot (begonia tamaya)

Can i have a pic of your begonia rex ? :slight_smile:

Have a great day

Of course!

The actual plant

The cuttings


I would really love that! Please DM me in IG @mcnallymindy so we can work out the details. Thank you so much!!


Hi there!
Which variety of prayer plant do you have? Kerchova or fascinator tricolor? I’m also curious about the neon photos and the calathea triostar you mention in the other post, are you up for swapping some of that? :slight_smile: I have some ctenanthe setosa, a division of calathea zebrina, pilea peperomoides or cuttings from peperomia albovittata, peperomia polybotrya or haworthia fasciata to offer.

My prayer plant is a Maranta! Would you like a picture? I won’t be able to split my Calathea Triostar more at the moment, but I could take a cutting of the neon pothos! I’ll have to put both the prayer plant and neon pothos cutting in water once I know which one you’re the most interested in, so it’ll take a while for it to root, just so you know. :sunny:
I’d be very interested in a ctenanthe, calathea or peperomia polybotrya :smile: rather the ctenanthe. Where are you based?
If you want to pm me, please do so on my instagram instead of here, as I check that one more often. You can also find pictures of both plants on there! My handle is @plantgus there, too.

Hi do you have rooted watermelon? I have white pink and red polka dot plant xx

No, I’m sorry, I’ve unfortunately ran out of cuttings of that one, but I’ll let you know if I take some again!

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Hi @plantgus,
So sorry for the late response! I’m really interested in the neon pothos. I have split a piece of the ctenathe about a week ago. I’ll send you a pm on instagram with pictures!