Have Plumeria, Snake Plants, Spider Plants, peace lilies, pencil cactus

Hi! Looking to grow my collection.

I have Plumeria cuttings, seedlings, seeds and rooted cuttings. Snake Plants, spider plants, peace lilies, pencil cactus cuttings. Few more

Open to most trades!

I have some wandering jew and various pothos for some snake plant!

What kind of pothos do you have? My garden is covered in the wandering jews!

I have golden and jade

Great, I would love to trade! Would you like to message me on Instagram. @airplantdesignhaus

hi! i would be interested in a plumeria.
i have:
fiddle leaf fig
string of pearls
golden pothos
marble queen pothos
ruby red cascade

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I’d love to trade a fiddle leaf! What are you looking for?

i’m looking for:
hoya kerri
hoya retusa
ric rac cactus
hoya obovata
calathea ornata

what do you have available to trade?

Unfortunately I don’t have any of those :slightly_frowning_face:

I would love to trade some various succulent propagation leaves or dragon fruit seeds for a spider plant baby!