Have: Pilea Peperomioides, String of Pearls, Crassula Ovata, Various Succulents

I’ll comment with photos of what I have!

I’m based in Northern Ireland, so UK swaps are probably easiest, though I have received plant parts from other places in Europe with no issue.

I really want philodendrons, sansevierias, and lithops, but I’m open to all sorts of plants! I don’t have a ton of variety yet, so looking to expand.

Update: I’m swapping my current string of pearls cuttings, but I have a big mother plant, so I’m happy to take more cuttings if there’s interest.

Happy to provide cuttings from my pregnant pilea…

I’d love a string of pearls - mine got mealy bugs and couldn’t be saved! :cry:
I have quite a few cuttings ready to swap, I listed them all here.

@imsophiedavies, that would be fantastic - I’d love some of the monstera adansonii!

I have little cuttings of the string of pearls in water, and they’ve put out roots. However, I was just messing around, so if these are too tiny, I can take a longer one for you.

These have started to root, but they’re small:

This one is a bit longer, but no sign of a root yet, even though it went in at the same time as the others. I’m happy to send it along if you want to try it anyway!

That works for me! I’d be happy to send the monstera adansonii cutting I have in exchange for your string of pearls - send me a PM and we can swap details? :slight_smile:

Here are my succulents:

Crassula ovata:

(The big one isn’t up for trade, but it’s getting a haircut soon, which means more propagation!)

Two other succulents I have

wow! Your plants look amazing! I’m afraid all I have to offer is some Peperomia Rotundifolia or Crassula Rupestris if you want :woman_shrugging:

I have neither!

Here’s an update on some of the succulents I have: Mother of Thousands for swaps

I also have some rooted pilea peperomioides babies and some spider plants.

What are you after? If you see two things you like, we could swap two and two?

I would love some Echeveria, Pilea or string of pearls! :blush:

I could also trade some Echeveria Shaviana leaves :+1: