Have--pilea peperomioides babies and slightly variegated string of hearts

I’ve got a couple of pilea babies in various stages of rooting plus leaves if anyone is interested in any of them. I have one in soil at the moment and two in water :slight_smile:
I’ve also got three rooted cuttings of variegated string of hearts however they don’t have much variegation! They’ll get it back if they get more sunlight I just don’t have enough space for them. (@plantgus do you want them??? )

Let me know what you have!

Ooo am interested in both!

I have rhipsalis and watermelon peperomia if that’s of any interest?

Sorry not really interested in those

Hi! Would be interested in both! What are you looking for? At the moment I have rooted Maranta tricolor, crassula ovata, spider plants, red and green coleus, money plant, and quite a few succies. I have a rooted Monstera deliciosa too, but not sure how would I send it :confused: and could send cuttings from maranta kerchoveana, tradescantia spathacea and pallida. Let me know!

Hey what type of rhipsalis?

I’m interested in the variegated string of hearts, what are you looking for x

Hi, I would love String of hearts! I have Loads of Peperomia Rotundifolia or Jade plant cuttings!

Very interested in the variegated string of hearts. I have lots of plants; what kind of thing are you looking for? I have a hard-to-find Manjula Pothos I can take a cutting of if you’re interested?

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