Have: Philodendron sharoniae Mosquera ISO: P. White knight etc

For reference, I’ll be rooting this in water until a trade is found!

I would prefer trading this top cutting from my p. Sharoniae Mosquera for:

White wizard/knight/princess

I’m open to other things, but I’m mainly looking for aroids and specifically Philodendron although i also love syngonium!

Feel free to make offers, but if you have any of the three “trifecta” plants I’m looking for, do reach out!

Photo attached of the cutting!

Hi! I have a white princess grown from a node. It’s small but rooted! Has both white and pink variegation on the first leaf and is working in the second.

I’m happy to grow it out for you (and hopefully vice versa) a little bit more before shipping if that makes any difference. Let me know! I’m located in ATL.


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Yessss that would be awesome! I will message you directly :slightly_smiling_face:

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