Have: Philodendron neon (lemon lime)

I’ve got some lovely relatively healthy Philodendron neon for swapping. I noticed that this one seems to be more light-sensitive (it can complain of too little or too much) than my other Philodendron (scandens, Brazil, and micans) so keep this in mind.

This one is very similar in look, though less bright neon in colour, to the pothos.


Hi Brad, I’d love a cutting or two of these lovely fellas! I havent got much to offer in return, but is there anything you’re looking for in particular?

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Hi Brad, would you still have some of the cuttings available? I am not sure what I might have that maybe of interest to you for exchange… or do you remember where you got this plant from? I wonder if this shop/place might still have some for sale…

Hi, I have traded away most of the stock I had available. I have taken a few remaining leaves and am trying to root them now. If they root you are welcome to those.

Thanks anyway. I look forward to future trading :slight_smile:

Hi Brad, I just joined and instantly spotted your neon philo & pothos which I’ve been trying to find as cuttings for years. When you are having another pruning sesh I’d love to do a swap for bits of both of those.

Depending on growth here and I can probably offer some of the following as swaps:
Scindapsus pictus 'Argyraeus‘ (Satin Pothos) - unrooted node & leaf cuttings.
Monstera Obliqua/Adonsii (unsure if they named it correctly, sold as Obliqua) - unrooted node & leaf cuttings
Syngonium podophyllum ‘Green’ - possibly a soil rooted
Epipremnum aureum - unrooted node & leaf cuttings
Epipremnum aureum ‘NJoy’ (it’s slow to get going) - unrooted node & leaf cuttings

I did some trimming this week so I may have some of those water rooted in a month or so. Let me know if any of them tempt you for future swapping.

Hi there, welcome to the site. I guess I’m a bit of a plant hoarder as I have all those varieties at the moment. I’m hoping new growth will come on strong in Spring and once I have cuttings again, I’ll update here and will be happy to swap with you @CDhouseplants

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Hi :slight_smile: Your neon lemon lime’s are so pretty!!
You seem lika a plant pro deluxe so I don’t know if I have anything special to offer you… But let me know if you’d be interested in an Monstera monkey Mask or Syngonium podophyllum.

I’d love to offer something you didn’t have. I’ve got a lovely delicate but vigorous un-named Euphorbia*, smallish oval leaves with tiny white bracts and flowers throughout the year but esp. in Summer. I’ll try and find a pic of it in it’s summer prime. It ideally likes bright sunny light but does pretty well even near my north window. *Closest thing I’ve seen is Euphorbia ‘Diamond Frost’, an outdoor annual in this country.

I’ve also got leaf babies of what looks like Echeveria christata ‘Doris Taylor’ though mine never quite looks a match for photos online. Here’s a photo of fresh babies (always have some available to send barefoot) and what they look like as they get bigger. Parent plant rosette was about 12cm across.

I’m interested and I have Pilea, string of hearts, string of pearls, asparagus fern and devils ivy I can swap with

Just to be clear (and sorry to disappoint), I don’t currently (28 March 2018) have cuttings of either neon pothos or philo. I need some spring growth before I will have cuttings again available.

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