Have: philodendron micans, philodendron brasil, etc


  • Golden pothos
  • Heart-leaf philodendron
  • Snake plant Zeylanica
  • Philodendron sellouom


  • Maranta red (Maranta leuconeura var. erythroneura)
  • Any calatheas
  • Ghost cactus

Willing to trade/buy! Also open to other trades for plants not listed!

Feel free to check out the plants on instagram (@philodendronfriend)!

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I have a maranta red I can take cuttings for you. I’d love a micans cutting. I’m @lula_n_crush

Hi! I have a rooted orchid cactus cutting, and I’d be happy to share with ya.

Messaged you on insta :slight_smile:

Would you want to trade anything?

Hello, Im new to this and I have been dying to get my hands on a fiddle leaf fig. I would love to trade something with you, i have a few plants and succulents to choose from. You can message me on instagram if you would like lisa_marie422

Hey! I don’t think that I mentioned my Instagram, it’s thelushleafcollective