Have: philodendron dark lord, anthurium waroqueanum dark form, philodendron melanochrysum

I’m interested in hard to find philos, anthuriums and alocasias, and also a philodendron el choco red, a monstera deliciosa lieb & var aurea. Wanna trade?

I have:
M. Deliciosa, m. borsigiana, m. tauerii, micans, florida ghost, melanochrysum, dark lord

Zebrina, cuprea

Waroqueanum dark form

Buying soon and up for trade once rehabbed:
Philodendron white knight, ring of fire, bilietiae
Monstera dubia,
Anthurium crystallimun
Alocasia dragon scale

I have a baby monstera albo plant if you are interested?

I’m afraid I’d want an established specimen of the albo, as I already have a few babies :slight_smile:

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Hi! :slight_smile:
Would you be open to selling your Florida Ghost? If so I’m interested!

Hi! I am open to selling a cutting. Send me an offer and let me know what kind of cutting you’d want (how many leaves etc). I’m preparing a plant by air layering right now :slight_smile:

Sweet! I was thinking around 50 EUR, ideally, a 2 leaf, rooted cutting. What do you think, does this sound fair?

50€ + shipping would be fine :slight_smile: Where would the cutting be shipped?

Sounds good! Hungary, Budapest

I believe I sent you a DM, but let me know if you don’t see it :slight_smile:

Hey is that monstera albo baby still available, would you be up for swapping/selling

Hi, I’ve got a customer looking for a melanochrysum and I’d love a Florida ghost and Monstera Dubia (happy to wait). I have full plants of philodendron millions, philodendron shangri la, alocasia lauterbachania, Alocasia cuculata and anthurium jungle Bush. They’re all pretty big though (obviously I can send you photos and sizes etc. if you’re interested in them) so it depends where you’re based as postage may be crazy! Haha

Hello I’d like to buy a melano cutting or swap for a verrucosum if you don’t have already pls get un touch cheers, Marie

Hi! do you still have the dark lord? I have plenty of rarer philos to swap :smiley:

Would you be willing to trade for a couple of nodes for of cebu blue (the actual silver one not the sometimes faked green version)

Hi, I would be interested in the Warocqueanum dark form.
I can offer rooted skeleton key and amydrium blue form, new growth half way.

I wouldn’t mind swapping a houseplant or two for the dark queen anthurium or the ring of fire if your interested?

I have a monstera dubia cutting and rooting in sphagnum moss. If anyone is interested

Hiya! what are you looking to trade for? I’ve been looking for a dubia for so long