Have - philo white Knight cutting

Hi everyone!
Ive had this gorgeous philo white Knight for a while now and it’s produced 3 brand new leaves since I got it. However recently I’ve realised that one of my biggest fears about this plant has happened! It’s lost its variegation completely. Therefore I’ve decided to chop its head off. I’ll be keeping its head as its completely green but I thought someone would want the bottom half to get some better variegation.

Here’s it just before I cut the head off.
I’m perticularly interested in other rarer philo types and interesting succies but I’m open to (reasonable ) suggestions :slight_smile:


I’m interested and have a variety of succulent babies and mums

Anything interesting?

Hey Jessie

I could give you a cutting of my maranta (not rooted yet), I am also planning to split my syngonium pixie and Calathea Maui Queen if you’d be interested I those?

Hey, sorry I’m not really interested in those types. I’m not good with the whole humidity thing :joy:

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Ooooh I’d love this! I have a sanservia moonshine baby for swaps?

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I have tradescantia fluminensis tricolor cuttings, I have maranta cuttings rooted, I have stromanthe triostar rooted division, I have pilea moon valley( molis) and friendship plant pilea involucrat rooted established cuttings.


Hi, sorry I’m not really looking to trade for those

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Hi, I have philos ‘brasil’, ‘Neon’, ‘Silver sword’


Beautiful , what you looking for?

What plants are you after? I have string of hearts, monstera adansonii, silver pothos, and more to trade.

This is stunning! Are you looking for anything specific to trade for it?

Hi sorry everyone but I forgot to close this topic. The cutting has been snapped up already :sweat_smile:. My bad

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