Have Philo painted lady and Monstera bors var albo

Hi plant people,

I have two things I want to see if I can exchange. Here goes:

So that’s what I have. I want to exchange each one for something I don’t have (so please don’t get offended if I decline your offers- I just have tons of plants).
Things on my wish list are:
anthurium veitchii, regale, pallidiflorum, forgetti,
philo gloriosum, mamei, giganteum, billitae, pastazanum
or a monstera pinnatipartita or a really really mature regular deliciosa cutting
I’m also willing to supplement the exchange with ££ for any of the above if you have it.

Hey, I’m very interested in the v monstera, as I know my friend would adore it. Do you have Instagram?

PM’d you :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I am interested in the monstera borsigiana variegate cutting. I could trade for some of these plants below. I can send you more than one if you want to.

  • Oxalis triangularis,
  • Monstera deliciosa,
  • Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant)
  • Sansevieria; Mother-in-law’s tongue
  • Ceropegia woodii
  • Euphorbia tirucalli (Pencil cactus)
  • Euphorbia candelabrum
  • Euphorbia Leuconeura (Madagascar Jewel)
  • Sedum burrito (Burro’s Tail)
  • Crassula Jade Friendship Money Plant
  • Peace Lili
  • Airplant - Tillandsia Ionantha
  • Begonia nagareboshi

Let me know! Thank you!

Hi, I’m not after any of these unless your monstera is really really old?

I am not sure I understand, my monstera is around 20 years old… is that really really old???

I probably didn’t explain correctly. I’ll pm you.


Monstera albo cutting now gone.

Hello I would love your painted lady, but not sure what I could offer. Interested in a verrucosum cutting?

Hi! I already have a verrucosum but thank you!

Ok, I also can offer : monstera peru, philo hastatum, red emerald, a rooted standleyana… or just buy it (or part of it) from you? Let me know if you are up for selling. Cheers!

Hi! sorry I have all of those and looking for a swap at this time! good luck though! xx