Have: Philo grazielae, many peperomias and others

Hi all,

I am in search of

  • Monstera standleyana variegated
  • Monstera sp. ‘Peru’ (aka Karstenianum)

I have the following

  • Philo grazielae - fully rooted plant
  • Monstera adansonii - fully rooted plant
  • Peperomia metallica - rooted cuttings
  • Peperomia fraseri - rooted cuttings
  • Peperomia serpens/japonica - rooted cuttings
  • Peperomia polybotrya/raindrop - cuttings
  • Peperomia scandens variegated - cuttings
  • various Hoyas (curtisii, bilobata, Rubra, tricolor, Hindu rope) - cuttings
  • Lipstick plant ‘Mona Lisa’ - cuttings
  • Variegated lipstick plant - cuttings
  • Pothos ‘Manjula’ - rooted cuttings
  • Pothos ‘cebu blue’ - cuttings
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Hi! I’m interested in your polybotrya and manjula! Don’t have what you’re looking for but I’m sending you a request on IG.

I’m not on IG under the same name as I am here…

DM me, for some reason I can’t seem to send you messages on here.