Have Philo Gloriosum & Pastazanum

Hi im looking for either a Monstera Albo or preferrably a Thai constellation willing to take a cutting of either my Gloriosum or Pastazanum.
I have less rare plants as well just jo to my profile and in the header click expand theres a full list

im form austria but could ship to all or europe (depending if a country is accepting packages atm)

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I have a some monstera variegata and I’m interested by a gloriosum :slightly_smiling_face:
Have you a picture of your plant ?

Have a good day

hi heres my gloriosum i could probably seperate one leaf bulb from the others and send it
can i see a picture of ur albo


These are lovely :slight_smile: are you selling any or just swapping the one?

just swapping at the moment

Hi Julia, are you still interested in a monstera thai constellation cutting? I have one and am keen to swap for a Gloriosum! Please let me know, thanks! :slight_smile:

YES very much. can u send me a picture of urs and where are u from?