Have: Peperomia caperata red

Hey plantpeople! !

Have a baby Peperomia caperata red sitting in water and growing more roots. Right now it’s too cold to ship, but she’ll be ready in a few weeks once temps rise. See pic. Would love to swap for Dischidia nummeralia, Hoya linearis or Senecio radicans or maybe something else you have to swap?

Also have small, well rooted plants of Stromanthe triostar and Pilea peperomioides to swap.

Cheers! :sparkles:

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I love the sound of a Stromanthe triostar but i doubt i have anything you’d want to swap!

Try me - what cuttings/baby plants do you have? :grinning:

Soo i have… (checking inventory)
Gasteria pillansii
sansevieria trifasciata (the compact small variety)
Crassula ovata (Jade plant)
Kalanchoe daigremontiana
Ficus Benjamina
Spider plant
All babies in small pots.

I believe the ‘compact small’ is called the birds nest / hahnii :blush:

Oh no, I already have them all. But let’s talk again in like 4-6 weeks, maybe we’ll be able to trade something then. And I’d feel better about shipping (low temps kill plants). Have a great day!

Hi I would love a stromanthe trio star baby! I have a baby raindrop peperomia that is doing well if you’re interested? Or string of hearts?

EDITING TO SAY I’M WITHDRAWING, I’ve already found a P. polybotrya.

Interested! FYI: I’m in Germany, if you want to check how much shipping would be. I can ship in a flat box for around 4 €, that’s regular post (not express). Would prefer to wait a few more weeks due to weather though. Here is a pic of some of the babes (3 healthy plants + 1 struggling plant in a 17 cm pot):

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Surprisingly its actually not much more to ship to Europe than it is to ship within the UK

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Thank you @Mildred.DOOM, that’s good to know! Let the inter-European plant trading begin, haha.

If you haven’t swapped it already, I’m interested in the triostar. I don’t really have that many cuttings, as I’m new to this site, but I have a watermelon peperomia, prostrata peperomia and another kind of peperomia.

Hi @Plantgus, sorry for my late reply. I already have those Peperomia varieties, thank you.

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