Have : Peperomia albovittata, tradescentia zebrina, sedum palmeri, sedum spurium, carpobrotus, begonia tamaya

Hello !

I have some cuttings (rooted or not) I can swap.

Here’s a list :

  • Chlorophytum : one rooted plant, in water
  • Begonia tamaya (I think) : A bunch of stem cutting (starting to root and showing some signs of growth) and a cutting with leaves
  • Peperomina albovittata : three rotted cuttings
  • Epiphyllum oxypetalum : Some rooted, some non-rooted (all in water right now)
  • Tradescentia Zebrina : non-rooted cutting at all time, and I sometime have rooted one (I tend to give them to my friends)
  • Fittonia : cutting planted in soil weeks ago
  • Sedum palmeri : Non-rooted cutting (I’ll cut them right before sending)
  • Sedum spurim : Non-rooted cutting (I’ll cut them right before sending)
  • Carpobrotus : Non-rooted cutting (I’ll cut them right before sending)

I’m really interested in : pothos n’joy, pothos marble queen, ZZ Raven, sansevieria trifasciata
But I also like a lot of other plants / succulents !

Here’s some photo !

If you want specific photos of some cutting (or the mother plant), please feel free to ask me !

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Hi, I have a couple cuttings of a Pothos n’joy and another green type of Pothos if you’re interested? I’d love a cutting of your begonia tamaya

here’s the Pothos cuttings!

Update on my begonia tamaya stem cuttings. They now all have roots and leaves !

I also have a few cutting of Golden Pothos !

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Hi, I would LOVE a begonia cutting. I’ve got a well rooted pothos jade & pearls (looks like mix of n’joy & marble queen), and then lots of others I could take cuttings from - scindapsus pictus, string of hearts, string of pearls, sedum morganianum, senecio “blue chalk sticks” (I forget the exact name right now), bryophyllum kalahari… If any interest you, please let me know!

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I think we can figure something out :wink:

I’m gonna send you a private message !

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Just wondering if you have any Begonia Tamaya cuttings left? Would love to trade!

I have the following for swaps:

Rhipsalis paradoxa

Rhipsalis mistletoe cactus

Purple oxalis (my outdoor ones are dormant at the moment so can send roots)

Purple Zebrina cuttings

Donkeys tail succulent babies (can also cut a nub!)

Epipremnum pinnatum pothos ‘N-Joy’

Marble Queen pothos

Pilea Peperomioides (lots of established plants about 2 years old now as well as babies)

Baby carnivorous sundew

Spider plant cuttings

Jade plant cuttings

String of hearts

Various succulents

Many Thanks!

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I still have plenty !

I would love some baby carnivorous sundew, I have plenty of gnats to feed them :smiling_imp:.

Please, PM me your adress :slight_smile:

Ah that’s amazing!!! Will DM you now.

Hello! Do you have any of the begonia tamaya cuttings left? :slight_smile:

Yes I do :wink:

The never-ending jar of begonia cutting is mine mouahaha !

HEy, do you have any marble queen cuttings left? I’d love some! Not sure what you’re looking for but I have a few different types of fittonia I can split, some trad zebrina, spider babies, trad spathacea babies, hottentot, fishbone cactus cuttings…let me know :slight_smile:

@spiderplantman I have Marble Queen cuttings, and would be interested to swap. Hit me up in case the trade with @Violet doesn’t work out. :smile:

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The only cuttings I have right now are monstera adansonii and satin pothos, if either of those take your interested?

I’d love some monstera adansonii :slight_smile:


I’d love to trade for some fishbone cactus please.

I’ve included a photo of my pothos as I’m in two minds if it’s a marble or a golden…!


Want to do a straight swap? Monstera for begonia?

Anyone interested in Haworthia Limifolia or Gasteria babies?

Hi @Violet is that the whole plant? Are you sure you can take cuttings from it and be left with enough to admire yourself?? :slight_smile: it’s defo Marble queen from what I can see! I was thinking maybe 2 stems of fishbone for the swap? They’re super easy to get going so will trim them tonight and let them callous over :blush:

Hey @Plantpony I’m happy to swap with you too :blush: was it fishbone you wanted or something else??

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