HAVE: peperomia albovittata (baby in 6cm pot)

I have a baby peperomia albovittata propagated from a leaf cutting.

It’s currently in a 6cm pot. Please see pictures below.

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Hi I’d be super interested in this! Are you looking for anything in particular? :blush:

I have a peperomia very much like this but I thought it was a piccolo banda, are they one of the same? I did some Google’s and got confused :joy:

What you looking for?

Hey @Chelsea @Mickdaplantman

I actually have two of those. My other one is in a smaller pot but the plant is pretty much the same size.

I’d be happy to send them to you for nothing in exchange, if you’d be ok with paying me back for the postage?

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I googled piccolo banda and it looks the same as when you google albovittata. Hah! I guess it’s just another name for it :slight_smile:

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Wow, yeah that’s brilliant. I will happily pay postage. Message me cost and I will transfer it over to you. Thank you @ihavenogarden

Oh yes please! Let me know your PayPal name or bank details and I will send it over :blush: thank you so much!

Awesome. I will dm you.

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