Have p. White Wizard starter

Hi! I’m searching for quite a bit of different plants. I’ll be willing to pay for cuttings if the price is right :slight_smile: I know some of these are a bit far stretched but I thought I’d try if anyone was willing to sell or trade with me. Heres my list of plants I’m searching for…


  • ‘El Choco Red’
  • Ring of Fire
  • Burl Marx (variegated)
  • Birkin
  • Mamei
  • Pastazanum
  • Plowmanii
  • Jose Buono
  • Ilsemanii


  • Clarinervium
  • Red Crystallinum
  • Warocqueanum
  • Magnificum x crystallinum
  • Selby’s Silver


  • Black Velvet
  • Frydek
  • Cuprea
  • Zebrina Reticulata