Have P.Florida beauty, syngoniums, monsteras etc


Florida beauty (yes,variegated), burle marx variegata, pink princess, white princess, gloriosum, tuxtlatum, bipennifolium aurea, red emerald, camouflage, oxapapense, tripartitum, brazil, lemon lime, verrucosum,
hastatum silver, mamei and maybe paztasanum.

monsteras; Deliciosa variegata cuttings, amydrium medium green, siltepecana, pinnatipartita, maybe others to (like thai cons. need to wait it grow), maybe a laniata…

epipremnums / pinnatums: N’Joy, lemon lime, amplissimum (silver leaf)

And over 30 syngonium species (mostly rare species)

Have other plants to.

Looking for;
Real highly variegated m.adansonii, tricolor syngoniums and variegated philodendrons (not else) :green_heart: