Have: Over 80 plants willing to trade and share!

Hello Folx!

SO I have many plants and still want so many more. But I also need to be more financially responsible so I figured I could start exploring the plant swapping avenues of approach. You can check out my instagram for pictures of probably al of the plants that I do have. Happy to share and/or swap/trade with folx locally or nationally (in real life or via the postal service). If you do not have access to the instagram, let me know and I can send photos to accommodate. Hope to hear from you folx soon!

Thank you.

Bye for now,

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Hi Shen! I would love a lil piece of your silver pothos and maybe even a monstera cutting if you’re willing to share. What are you looking for in return? As a college student I don’t have much :grin: but can probably find something you’d like :slight_smile: I have tons of tradescantia zebrina cuttings rooting at home right now.

Hey! I could get some cuttings for you. I’d love cutting of the Monstera A. Do you have an IG?

Hi Shen, I don’t have monstera A and I am on instagram but don’t have a plant page. I can send you pictures thru insta of what I have when I’m home though

Hi! Just added you on IG @brooketallant. Anything you will share would be so appreciated. Willing to trade if I have anything you want!!

I have Monstera A rooting right now if you haven’t snatched one up yet! I’m also in NE!! @botanyandbooze on insta