HAVE: Nursery sold as Cream Splash, but might be Rio. Either way, if you like, please see list of what I already have

Can trade cuttings or rooted pieces. Open to more of some of the things I already have. See below. I like plants similar to these ones:

Philodendron/pothos: tripartitum, decursiva, painted lady, compostpartinum, brandtianum, variegated heartleaf scandens, jose buono, bipennifolium, pedatum, hastatum, burle marx, cebu blue, bloody mary, royal queen, grazielae, micans, silver stripe, golden goddess, manjula, green emerald, red emerald, marble queen

Monstera: Albo, adonasii, siltepicana, v. standleyana, standleyana aurea, peru

Hoya: obscura, carnosa, crimson princess and queen

SOH: silver glory, variegated, orange river

Random: alocasia black velvet, syngonium albo, Syngonium pink splash, nanouk, tetrasperma, cissus discolor, v. SOP


I have a couple of hoya carnosa cuttings rooting up in moss & ready to go if you’re interested?

Edit: Sorry, I mis-read your list as things you wanted, not ones you already had.

Hi, no worries, thanks for the offer, but I do have a bunch of carnosa. :slight_smile:

Hi, do you sell cebu blue and m Peru cuttings?)

Hi, I don’t sell, sorry

Is the Rio the only one that you are swapping?

i have moss of u list

Hey this is very late i dont know if you d still like to trade but i do have some micans if youre intrested​:two_hearts::sparkling_heart:🪴

Hi! I have burlemarx variegated hoya crimson and queen i have different syngonium included albo

Very interested in the variegated heart leaf

Hi. I have Golden Hawaiian Pothos runner vines that like to climb.

Do you want Thai Constellations?

I can trade silver glory SOH cuttings?

I would love to trade some golden pothos for a clipping. :slight_smile: