Have - multiple types of Echeveria and other succulent leaves

I have loads of around about five month old succulent babies to trade. The types include : patchyveria blue mist, echeveria lola, echeveria silver queen, echeveria black Knight, kalanchoe tomentosa & graptoveria silver star!
I’d be happy to trade for some other cuttings and older baby succulents or a philodendron cutting?


May I ask what type of Philodendron you’re seeking?

How easy was the tomentosa to prop? I pulled off some my panda last week

I’m not perticularly looking for a specific type, just looking for philodendrons as a whole. (however I will dream about rarer ones ) :joy:

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I would say definitely the easiest succulent to propagate since you don’t need a clean break to grow babies. Mine also rooted in a week and it’s super quick to grow babies!

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I have a nice healthy lemon lime Philodendron I can offer cuttings from:


I’d love a cutting, what would you like back?

Wow yassss!! So good to know!!
I have a philodendron BTW if you’ve seen? 'Super atom’
He’s not a vine type though
I don’t have succie pup offerings really yet as a lot of my leaf babies are still teeny. I found your etsy so I will keep an eye on your offerings there :blush:

I’d love one of these ^^

Pm me? I can send some photos of what they look like!

Dude, I’d love to swap for a cutting of him if there’s anything you’d want of mine! My etsy isn’t exactly the best at the moment :sweat_smile: but I noticed you found me. If there’s anything on my etsy that I haven’t got on here that you’d like to swap for just ask!

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Black knight sounds good :blush:. I have this terrible thing with self doubt and I operated on super atom, like i mean i separated him from the mummy and I’m sure I done it OK cause my first attempt survived and this one looks healthy but I worry he won’t take but if he doesn’t you’ll have to let me know… I gota go down post office today so if you wanna pm me your address I can get him sent out :blush:

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Wow @Propagationtime! They sound amazing! I’d love some Echeveria,Graptoveria or Pachyveria. I have Peperomia Rotundifolia, Crassula Ovata and Crassula Rupestris :+1:

hey there! i‘m interested in your different echeveria- and graptoveria-cuttings! would you be interested in any of my haves? listed here: Have: Many Succulents, Monstera Adansonii, Marble Queen, Ficus Elastica Variegata - LOOKING FOR: Succulents, Philodendron „Pink Princess“, Syngonium Neon, Satin Pothos