Have: monstera dubia, variegated monstera borgisiana, begonia dregei variegata, angel wing begonia, variegated SOH

3 rooted monstera dubia cuttings (rooted. rare!)
1 variegated monstera (borgisiana, the smaller form- rare!)
2 rooted begonia dregei cuttings (caudex forming- rare!)
1 angel wing begonia (rooted)
2 unrooted strands of variegated string of hearts

mostera deliciosa variegata (the big one)
cissus discolor
variegated syngonium
p. melanochrysum
other interesting philos or begonias

Hi, interested in 1 monsters Dubai and an angel wing begonia please. What would you expect in return ? Thanks.

thanks for your reply! I’m basically looking to swap the dubia for rarer philos, rhaphidophora, amydrium, alocasia just a similarly sought-afer plant I don’t already have

The begonia is common so I’d swap it for a bit of a prayer plant I don’t already have.

It’s hard to say what I want because I don’t know what you have, maybe try to make me an offer? thanks

Just recently got a Syngonium Pink Splash and Albo - Growing them at the moment, but when they’re ready for cuttings would you consider a swap for a variegated borgisiana? I think I’m a couple months away at least but it would be fab to link up for a future swap.

I’m definitely up for a future swap! I’ve swapped all the rooted cuttings now but the mother has pushed out a new leaf, and I’ll absolutely behead her again to get some syngonium! Shall we regroup in a couple of months and arrange something then? :slight_smile:

That sounds great! I don’t know if we can private message on here, but my IG is tailoredwitch if you want to drop me a message on there?

HI There do you still having m.Dubia and M.D Variegata?
i have Philos like ;Tortum ,Pink princess, birkin , Brasil. hastatum
whoul you be interested?

Hi! I’m sorry it’s all traded away now! But I have been setting up trades for autumn and I’d love to swap for ppp and tortum? You can message my dog’s instagram (budgethedoggo) and we can check back in around oct?