HAVE: monstera cuttings

My monstera is growing at an alarming rate so I’ve cut it back a bit before it takes over my tiny bathroom!

I have two unrooted cuttings to offer.

Let me know what you have for swaps please!


Oh I don’t have the lovely monstera yet, I have a variegated on order :hugs:
Ok, I have, marble queen, good size divisions.
Erm, Diffenbachia Camilla I could take a piece from. Calathea White Star divisions. They’re my bigger ones. I have peperomia prostrata and xmas tree cacti established babies. :ok_hand::green_heart:

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Ooo please can I see your marble queen? I thought I had one but it’s a golden pothos so would love one of these!

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That’s just the cuttings Im propagating…
this one is huge!
Uploading… a division with some lovely new growth, all super healthy x

These ones are in water sorry, pics seem muddled up

First one is the big momma lol :rofl:

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Ooo they are lovely! Would definitely love to swap.

I’ll take a photo of the ones I have and DM you later today.

@Wendolina I’d love a Calathea White Star, I know you were interested in a cutting of my donkey’s tail succulent - would you be happy to do a swap? :slight_smile:

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Yes @imsophiedavies definitely. I will see what I can get from the plant today and pm you x