Have: Monstera Albo Vareigata

Hey folks!

I have a large albo variegata plant which i’ve given a large haircut. I have a lot of ‘wet stick’ type cuttings and a few leafed cuttings, from mild variegation to max viable leaf variegation. 14-50cm leaf sizes.

ISO: interesting/reasonably rare plants, would particularly love a purple princess philo cutting, or a full plant of pink arrow syngonium, or other interesting philos

I can put photos up when a match is discussed! Please be realistic about trades, I have a lot of houseplants already, and I don’t often have these sort of cuttings available to trade. :smiley:

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Sansevieria silver flame?:slightly_smiling_face::seedling::+1:

I’m super interested in a cutting :pray: I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced monstera albo cutting for a while. I don’t have much to trade atm but I’m willing to part with some cold, hard cash if possible.

Hey guys, thanks for your messages, but nether are what i’m after as indicated i’m afraid.

Hi, would you be interested in swapping a variegated leaf cutting for a Aspidistra ‘Milky Way’ (markings similar to Thai Constellation) plant ?

Hello! I do have a baby pink syngonium. If you arent interested in that I also have a baby philo sliver sword and an adult malay gold philo! Let me know if you are interested in these :slight_smile: