Have: Monstera Adansonii, Philodendron Brazil & Micans, Sansevieria Masoniana + more

Interested in the monstera I have hoya and fishbone to trade

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have tradescantia fluminensis tricolor cuttings, I have maranta cuttings rooted, I have stromanthe triostar rooted division, I have pilea moon valley( molis) and friendship plant pilea rooted established cuttings.

Hi @VanillaDot! :smile: Nice, do you have a pic of the Aglaonema division you’d be willing to trade? Here’s a pic of the Whalefin Sansevieria, the tip of the shears points to a darker spot on the leaf that is now calloused over (it was a rip that happened when I was separating it a few weeks ago) - the yellow part indicates how deep the leaf was planted, and the ruler is for size comparison.

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Thx @ihavenogarden - unfortunately there’s nothing that really tickles my fancy…:sweat:

@PlantJunkie Looks great, would love some cuttings. Just PMed you! :smile:

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Hi @Mickdaplantman! :smile: Unfortunately only had the one M. Adansonii cutting, and traded it away. Can I hit you up again once I have another Adansonii cutting going (my plant needs some time to grow)?

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Hi, I have attached two photos of the stem and leaves of the Aglaonema. I have not separated it yet, so I put a white paper behind it to be more clear. I have a ruler next to it for size comparison

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Am interested in your philodendron micans.

I have the following for swaps:

Rhipsalis paradoxa

Rhipsalis mistletoe cactus

Purple oxalis (my outdoor ones are dormant at the moment so can send roots)

Purple Zebrina cuttings

Donkeys tail succulent babies (can also cut a nub!)

Epipremnum pinnatum pothos ‘N-Joy’

Marble Queen pothos

Pilea Peperomioides (lots of established plants about 2 years old now as well as babies)

Baby carnivorous sundew

Spider plant cuttings

Jade plant cuttings

String of hearts

Various succulents

Many Thanks!

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@VanillaDot Looks great! I’ll PM you so we can sort out the details!

Hi @Violet!

Do you happen to have a pic of your Rhipsalis paradoxa? I’ll snap one for you of the Micans I still have, and will post it later.

Here it is :slight_smile:

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@Violet Thx! Here is the Micans, a few leaves are damaged, the ruler is 30cm:

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They look lovely! Would love to swap.

Did you like the rhipsalis? I hope I have the right variety name! I would have to take a fresh cutting but it would include new growth :slight_smile:

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Hi @Violet! I’ll trade both Micans from my pic for a couple of your Rhipsalis cuttings. Let me know.

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Sounds great to me! I’ll take a photo of what bits I can cut and let you know in the morning before I snip them but I should be able to get a good starter amount off.

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@Violet Awesome, let’s talk more via PM.

Hello @Plantpony :slight_smile:
I am in Germany too! I haven’t got anything quite like your collection yet… but still, maybe there’s something for you there?


  • African violet rooted babies / fresh leaf cuttings
  • Aloevera rooted babies
  • Red Geranium rooted and unrooted cuttings
  • Red Begonia (not sure exactly - maybe red rose variety) just trying my hand at rooting some leaves.
  • Tradescantia zebrina purple - rooted cuttings, but she needs a trim again so also fresh cuttings available.
  • tradescantia pallida - some small rooted cuttings (10 - 20cm) or I can take some larger fresh cuttings.
  • Echeveria, leaflets growing new plants. It’s my first go but they seem to be thriving, one should turn out pink.

I would love a cutting from any of these you have…
-Peperomia argyreia

  • Polybotrya
  • Peperomia caperata red
  • The Neon/Lime Epipremnum
  • Tradescantia fluminensis Quicksilver
  • Pilea Peperomioides
  • Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Raven

Apologies, I don’t know exactly all the varieties that I have yet! I’ve done my best to get them right, here are pictures of what I have listed above, some of the mother plants and some of the cuttings.

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Hi @Amanda! Welcome to the site! Happy to send you some plants, I’ll PM you.

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