Have: Monstera Adansonii, Philodendron Brazil & Micans, Sansevieria Masoniana + more

Updated version of what I currently have to swap:

-Crassula hobbit (small rooted plant)
-Crassula ovata (rooted cuttings, already in soil)
-Epipremnum aureum/ pinatum / Pothos - Neon / Lime (rooted & potted cuttings)
-Epipremnum aureum/ pinatum / Pothos – solid green (rooted cuttings, still in water)
-Hatiora salicornioides (not 100% sure on ID, will take fresh cuttings)
-Peperomia caperata red (well rooted plant, still in water)
-Peperomia polybotrya (raindrop) (baby plants with 1-2 leaves and tons of roots, still in water)
-Peperomia argyreia (watermelon) (rooted plant, some damaged leaves, potentially Calcium deficient)
-Philodendron Scandens Brazil (rooted cuttings, still in water)
-Philodendron Micans (rooted cuttings)
-Pilea Peperomioides (established small plants)
-Rhipsalis cassutha (not 100% sure on ID, will take fresh cuttings)
-Sansevieria Masoniana (established plant)
-Stromanthe Triostar (established small plants)
-Tradescantia fluminensis Quicksilver (rooted cutting, sitting in water)
-Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Raven (will take fresh cutting (stem with leaves) that you can root in water)

Looking for cuttings of fishbone cactus & sticks on fire, interested in Aglaonema (grey/silver varieties), Hoya Linearis, and open to other suggestions!

Happy to send pics & looking forward to hearing from you! :v:

(FYI: I am in Germany and can ship within the EU).


Hi! I have Fishbone cactus cuttings I could swap. One tiny, lightly rooted bit that fell off the plant & is already potted separately, or I could take fresh cuttings.

I’m interested in the watermelon peperomia if I could see pics? And the ZZ raven for sure! And the Ctenanthes - basically you have an amazing collection! Anyway, let me know if you’re still after the Fishbone cactus cuttings!

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Hello !

Amazing collection indeed :star_struck:

I would love a ZZ raven cutting ! Do they propagate well ?

I’m also interest in sansevieria and/or Pothos lime, if I have enough to interest you :wink:

Here’s my post, with all I have to swap. Let me know if I have something you want !

Have a great day

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Hi @afroliage! Would love fresh cuttings of your Fishbone Cactus, if your plant is big enough for a trim! I’m happy to send you multiple things, including a Watermelon Peperomia (will take a pic tomorrow, basically I have small plants that were all squeezed together in one nursery pot and had their roots bound, so some leaves are a bit damaged. I’ll snap a pic of those and you can pick your fav. In my experience even damaged Peperomia leaves propagate well in water, in case you want to cut the plant apart and grow some tiny, healthy babes) and a fresh ZZ Raven cutting (pic will follow tomorrow, you can have a 30cm+ stem with multiple leaves that grew this year and is just turning dark, or a shorter & older stem with leaves, up to you. The plant grew several very long new stems earlier this year and it hardly fits its location, so needs to be trimmed back). I’ll be shipping in a flat box (approx. 35 x 25 x 5 cm) so Ctenanthe should fit in there as well. :smile:

Until tomorrow! :v:

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Hey @minions_and_plants!

You can have a ZZ Raven cutting (either a new 30cm+ stem with a bunch of leaves that is just turning dark, or a shorter, older stem with fewer leaves. Will provide a pic tomorrow. ZZ is easy to propagate, but since the cutting not only grows roots but a tuber as well, it takes a while to see new growth. So with this cutting you potentially could see new growth at the end of autumn or early next spring. ZZ can be propagated from stem or from leaf, in water or soil. Just type in “zz propagation” in your search engine of choice and you’ll find a bunch of blog posts and YouTube videos.) I’m happy to send you Sansevieria cuttings as well (I cut off several non-perfect leaves a while back, and have not put them in water yet. Did the same last year and all leaves rooted well in water and produced pups once they were transplanted to soil. Once big enough, pups can be popped off and the leaf cutting grows a new one. Now with this method the pups will be green, no yellow edges, that’s the only downside. Will provide pics tomorrow). And will send some Pothos lime, too.

In return I’m interested in Begonia Tamaya and Epiphyllum oxypetalum cuttings.

Talk soon!

Gosh, thank you, that’s very generous! I should definitely offer something more than a few Fishbone cactus cuttings! But your collection of plants is so fantastic I’m not sure what else I’ve got that could be tempting. :sweat_smile: Hoya carnosa tricolor? Kalanchoe pumila? Bryophyllum kalahari? Rhipsalis? Or I’ve got some seeds that might be interesting? Tacca Chantrieri/bat flower? I look forward to seeing the pics tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Hey guys! :smile: Starting with a pic of ZZ Raven that is relevant for both of you @afroliage & @minions_and_plants!

Was hard to get it all in one frame, and the white square in the back is for size reference, it’s 37 cm by 37 cm. I’d probably have to cut the longest stem a bit so it fits the box for shipping, but at least you can see it in comparison to last years growth.

Okay, on to the individual responses :grinning:


Aww @afroliage, that’s nice of you! Additionally to the ZZ (see above) here are some pics of two watermelon peps:

And your new Ctenanthe burle-marxii ‘Amagris’ (aka fish bone prayer plant!)

Let me know what you think! :smile:


Hey @minions_and_plants! :smile:

Already posted a pic of ZZ Raven, and here are the Sanseveria leaves (and the pups that grew for me last year, won’t be sending those tho, lol):

The biggest leaf is about 25 cm - forgot to get the ruler in.

As well as the Pothos Lime cuttings, all have nice long roots and are working on new leaves:

(different angle so you can see the leaves better)

Will PM you! :grinning:


Ah, thank you so much! I’d definitely like one of the watermelon peperomias. I’ll send you a DM!

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Just updated the list.

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Sorry didn’t read he whole thing but I’d be interested in.
Calathea roseopicta Corona and Monstera Adansonii have, Rhipsalis, Scindapsus Pictus, Stromanthe Triostar, and Tradescantia Fl Quadricolor. Have various succies and unknown epi. And baby parrot plants


Hello, I’d be interested in getting some cuttings, either by swapping or buying. I’ll just have to find a plant you’d be interested in!! :smiley:

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Hey @PlantJunkie! Do you have a pic of that unknown Epiphyllum? Sounds interesting! :smile:

Here are the Calathea & M.Adansonii (sorry for the light, it’s a gloomy day here):
Calathea is in a 7cm pot, a new leaf is on the way and a pup is growing (both visible in 2nd pic).

M.Adansonii cutting has a big leaf, a somewhat smaller leaf and a new leaf on the way. There are several air roots, which should start growing soon (has been in water only for a few days)

Talk soon!

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Welcome to the site @valium! :wave:

What plants do you have, and where in the world are you located? I always prefer swapping, but we can figure something out. :smile: Based on the plants you highlighted above here are some pics (sorry for the bad light, it’s cloudy), pics of M.Adansonii & Watermelon Peperomia already posted earlier:

Talk soon!

Oh these look so beautiful!!
I’m in Athens, Greece, so shipping won’t be an issue (I hope).
I always prefer swapping as well, but it looks as if you already have a lot of plants!!
I’m not home atm, so as soon as I get back, or even better tomorrow morning, I can take some photos of my own plants (I have more than 100, but most of them are “outdoor” plants, although I’m sure some of them could probably be “domesticated”) :smiley:

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No worries, take your time. :smile:

I use flat cardboard boxes (think amazn book delivery), they stay within the letter system and move swiftly across the EU - normally arrive within 2-3 days. Should be about the same to Athens.

Have a great day!

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Hi, I have Aglaonema Silver Bay, in exchange for Sansevieria Masoniana. Let me know, I’m in Europe, Romania

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Hey @plantpony
What a wonderful collection. I’d love the micans and some monstera adansonii if you still have them going? I have an established pep rosso (propagated from leaves), some propagated succulents (two types of a Jade plant, some echeverias, gasteria babies), can send you a cutting of some peperomias e.g. raindrop, caperata pink lady, albovittata (unrooted but I can cut it with a stem), a recently divided syngonium pixie.

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This is the epi. I’m interested in both plants so could swap something else too?

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