Have: Monstera adansonii, Hoya, various varieties of pothos, tradescantia zebrina, string of figs

Have the following cutitngs:

  • Monstera adansonii - rooted
  • Hoya curtisii
  • Hoya carnosa compacta/Hindu rope
  • Pothos NJoy - rooted
  • Pothos Jade - rooted
  • Pothos Golden
  • Pothos Neon
  • Pothos Marble Queen
  • Tradescantia zebrina/Wandering Jew - rooted
  • String of pearls/figs (leaves are more teardrop shaped than round)
  • Crassula ovata/jade plant babies - rooted
  • Thanksgiving cactus

Looking for any unusual peperomias, hoyas, or philodendrons, including but not limited to

  • Peperomia polybotrya, raindrop peperomia
  • Peperomia pepperspot, ruby cascade
  • Hoya Kerrii
  • Hoya obovata
  • Philodendron micans
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Hi! I’m interested in the pothos n’joy and have unusual Peperomias you might be interested in. Check out my feed and message me on Instagram if you’re interested and I can send you photos. Thanks!

I have a rooted hoya obvovata and variegated hoya kerri cuttings. I’m looking for monstera adansonii.

Hi I have m. Adansonii cuttings to trade

I’m interested in Kerrii. Do you have a photo of your cutting?

Anyone have an adansonii cutting they can ship to Canada? (Edmonton) :grin:

Hi I’m interested in the hoya curtsii and I have pepperspot, kerrii, obvata, and p. micans!

I have pilea peperomioides, curly sue spider plants and philodendron cordyline lime that will be ready in a couple of weeks. I would be interested in trading for m .adansonii. On Vancouver Island.

I’m interested in the Monstera adansonii, if it’s still available.

I have a couple Peperomias - marble and obtusifolia/tricolor. Let me know if you’re interested - I have a few pictures of them on my Instagram feed @Heidif513

I’m looking for Hoya Kerri! I have 2 swiss cheese vine varieties I’d be happy to swap ya.

Hi! I have ruby cascade cuttings I’d be willing to trade if you still have any adansonii left?

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@jayceeach Hi, I’m interested in your h. Curtisii. I have some h. Obovata to trade. Lmk!

I’d love some Swiss cheese vines if you want to get rid of them. But don’t have anything to trade right now.

do you still have the hoya curtisii or the hoya carnosa compacta / hindu rope?

I would looooooove some of your Hindu Rope… But have nothing you want.

I have peperomia ruby cascade if you’re willing to trade. I’m interested in your hoyas. If you’re interested in trading feel free to message my on instagram @dawnoftheplants