Have: Monstera Adansonii cuttings

Hi :star_struck:

I’m letting my Monstera Adansonii babies grow and would love to swap. I’m lookng for a bit of everything that is unusual. Let me know what you have :blush:

Ps. I’m based in Sweden


Hi! I’m interested in your Adansonii cuttings and currently live in Edinburgh, UK.
I have a post with plants and cuttings I have available here: Have/want looking to swap or buy

I’ve also got unrooted string of hearts, and more marantas.

Edit- my maranta network pictured in that link is struggling and has since lost anther leaf.

Hi Danai :blush:
I just ran out of cuttings. Will let you know as soon as i have a few more!

XX Sofia

Please can you let me know when you have done more adansonii cuttings ? :slight_smile:

Of course!
I will stat a new batch of Adasonii cuttings this week :slight_smile:

Hi Sofia am from Portugal do you send your swap to Portugal ??,am new here and am very intrested in your Monstera …Thanks Paula

Hi! That’s a beautiful cutting! I have:
Peperomia Rotundifolia
Jade plant
Mother of millions
Stapelia orbigata (a tiny bit)
Crassula Rupestris
Donkeys tail leaves (a few)
And I have a huge palm plant, if anyone could tell me how to propagate, I’d more than happy to send you a baby :blush:

still available? i’m interested :slight_smile: