Have: mimosa pudica/touch plant

7/6/18 edit: Even after a few swaps, I still have seeds left! :seedling: :two_hearts:

Hi! :wave:

I have a surplus of mimosa pudica seeds (“sensitive plant” or “touch plant” or “tickle plant” - it responds to touch and grows purple/pink puffy flowers … very easy to germinate!) and I was wondering if anyone is interested in a trade/swap? :slight_smile: I just completed my first 3 cuttings trades off this site and now I’m addicted, lol.

I’m also on instagram - plantandpotter - if you want to contact me there.

I have a wishlist (below), but I’m open to most trades! :slightly_smiling_face:

Wish list, in no particular order:
lifesaver plant, goldfish plant, pink princess philodendron, frizzle sizzle, variegated monstera, crown of thorns, jewel orchid, mother of millions

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Hello, just read your post and got super excited. I love touch plants and would love to trade with you (new to the site) I’m not sure I have anything on your wish list but I can send you some pictures of other stuff I have.

I love them too - they’re so much fun! Sure, let me know what you have! :slight_smile:

I dont know the names so I’m going to send you pictures of them on Instagram if that’s ok?

No problem. We will figure it out. :slight_smile:

Hi! Our sensitive plant died, it’s my son’s, so I’d like to replace it for him. I can take cuttings of my zebrina wandering jew, tricolor Bolivian jew, string of pearls or variegated string of hearts. Let me know if any of these piques your interest!

Is the tricolor Bolivian the one with the pink? I’d definitely be interested in a swap for that!

Hi. I failed at the sensitive plant seeds. Was wondering if you wanted to trade again? I’d like more seeds

Hi @SuburbanJungalow :two_hearts:
I also received some seeds and I had a great success! If you ever try again, let me know and I can give you some pointers as I tried a few different methods to see what worked best! Always happy to help others succeed!

Oh I’m sorry to hear they failed! What method(s) did you try? I’ve always had success with just planting them shallow in soil, watering, and then covering with seran wrap. I keep them in a sunny/warm location. I can definitely send you more. Send me a message to remind me and I’ll get some more out in the mail to you. :slight_smile:

Hi, I tried with placing them on top of a damp sponge, covered it in damp paper towel and sealed in a ziplock. They sprouted but didn’t take well to soil :slightly_frowning_face: