Have: Marimo & Succulents

I’m based in the UK and have for swapsies:
:seedling:Small Marimo moss balls.
:seedling:Gasteria Flow Aloe succulent.

I’m looking for Syngonium, Epipremnum, Caladium & Philodendron. But open to others.

Hi! What plants are you looking for? I’m interested in the Spanish moss :slight_smile:

Hi there! I’m looking for Syngonium :pray:, Epipremnum and Philodendron :blush:

I have a pink syngonium cutting that’s just started to root, if you’re interested?

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Yes, please :blush:. The spanish moss is 70cm in length.

Perfect! I’ve sent you a direct message to swap details :slight_smile:

I have a rooted philodendron scandens with new growth on it, if you would be interested? I also have watermelon pilea, monstera adansonii if you would want to trade any of those for the marimo moss balls?

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Hi there! :blush: I have 9 marimo moss balls and they range from 1cm to 6mm in size. Let know if that’s what you’re looking for. Is it a watermelon peperomia that you have? I’m trying to visualise it :thinking: