Have marantas, crassulas, tradescantias, loads of succies

Hello! New to this but have a lot to offer!
At the moment I have various rooted succies, money plant, maranta tricolor and can have cuttings of m. Kerchoveana. Cuttings of tradescantia spathacea and pallida. Loads of varigated spider plant babies and quite a few white peace lilies. 2 monstera deliciosa cuttings too.

I’m London based and am moving abroad so will need to get rid unfortunately from most of my plants. :frowning:
Will take with me only few and small cuttings.
Anyone who is interested in buying plants, pots, garden tools and garden plants (shrubs, flowers, trees and berries in pots) for cheap please contact me :slight_smile:

Can send pictures of everything!

Couldn’t attach more then one first time.

Hi @Tevetovic!
I’m pretty interested in cuttings of M. Kerchoveana! What kind of plant is the variegated one in the right bottom corner? It looks really nice :slight_smile: I’m not sure what you want in return? Do you want to swap with cuttings you can take with you when moving? I have some baby pilea, fresh cuttings from peperomia polybotrya or peperomia albovittata, a kind of haworthia (not really sure about the species) rooted…

Hi! How much do you want for the monstera cutting please? Or are you looking to trade?
You must be so upset to leave your plant babies behind :cry:

Messaged you in private :slight_smile:

@Tevetovic Do you still have no.5??