HAVE lots of strawberry begonia babies (Saxifraga stolonifera)

Hi! My plant has lots of hanging babies and I’d like to lighten it’s load a bit! Anybody after some?

I’m on the look out for any rhipsalis, ric rac or fish bone cactus, long/small leaved hoyas, euphorbias etc. Or anything a bit odd or trailing!


Apologies for awkward photo, the sun is in the wrong place!

Hi I have a rhipsalis I can swap you?

That would be fab, thanks. Let me pm you about addresses!

Hey! Can send you ric-rack cactus cuttings in return for some babies?

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I’d love a strawberry begonia if there is anything of mine you’d like to swap for? I have spider plants, rooted inch plant cuttings, donkey’s tails, a rooted monstera adansonii cutting, a pregnant onion, and pilea.

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Arrrgh, sorry it took me so long to reply, I just saw this now! Would you still like to swap? I’d love some ric rac x

Hi, sorry, I didn’t realise anyone had replied! Would you still like to swap? X

Hey! No worries! And yes, I’d still love to swap!
How many cuttings would you like?

Hello, I’d still love to swap if there’s anything of mine you want? :slight_smile:

Brilliant! This will be my first go with this type of cactus so based on your experience with them are they usually pretty easy to start? I guess maybe a couple of pieces or a longer bit I could cut into sections? I’ll have to do a bit of research to see how they take best.

Fab! Pregnant onion would be brilliant, I’ve been wanting to get some caudex/rooty guys!! Or the monstera? x

@Lyndsayfink Sure thing, I can send the pregnant onion :slight_smile: Send me a message with your address and I can get it sent this week!

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