HAVE Lots of Philodendron Micans

I have this 20 year old Philodendron Micans (with some of the vines reaching over 5 feet long) that I had to take substantial cuttings from because I just got a kitten that kept trying to chew on my very toxic plant. Now I have a bunch of ROOTED cuttings to spare.
Open to any and all offers. Just trying to expand my collection.
*I do already have quite a few plants, so just list everything you’re willing to swap and I’ll let you know what I don’t already have.

I have a maranta, a variegated jade, purple/teal wandering Jew, Hoya kentiana, variegated, silver, and regular green pothos, snake plant, and I’m about to get a shipment of variegated string of pearls, regular string of dolphins, and a rare fuzzy wandering Jew. Let me know if anything peaks your interest!

I would love either a Hoya Kentiyana, Variegated String of Pearls, or String of Dolphins. I’d be more than willing to give you a bunch of cuttings in exchange for cuttings of all three of your plants!

I have cactus’a that bloom a yellow flower, Hawaiian spider plant and purple shamrock if you’re interested let me know

I’d love a purple shamrock!! You can message my on my Instagram @my.jungle.abode so that we can set things up!

I messaged. It’s marissat0000