Have lots of mother of thousands babies to share

My MOT is having tons of babies… want some? I’ve also got lots of types of wandering Jews- love the pink :heart_eyes: my IG is @goodandplantyshop Let me know if you’d like to trade :slight_smile:

Hi I’m interested in your wandering jew.
I have cuttings of; peperomia pixie, spathiphyllum, pilea depressa and fatsia japonica.
It’s worth looking them up of you don’t know what they look like :+1: also where are you based? Asking for shipping purposes

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Hi! I’m in NC. I will definitely look those up! My plant IG is @goodandplantyshop - send me a message there :slight_smile: I have green, variegated, pink, purple and quadricor wandering Jews :slight_smile: