Have lots of aroids and I want more!

have: 1 small anthurium veitchii separation (rooted, saving for something good!), rhaphidophora tetrasperma, rhaphidophora hayi, TONS of philodendron micans, neon, brasil, monstera siltepecana (not rooted), small epiphytic dischidia imbricata, echeveria silver prince rooted leaves, ceropegia woodii (rooted), philodendron brandtianum, hoya multiflora, rooted separations of calathea musaica (for something real good!), string of bananas, string of pearls, hoya kerrii, and hoya obovata.

want: philodendron plowmanii, hoya imbricata, syngonium podophyllum albo var., rhaphidophora decursiva, philodendron mamei, variegated string of pearls, anthurium ace of spades, anthurium vittarifolium, philodendron pastazanum, pink princess, philodendron melanochrysum, monstera standleyana, monstera dubia, monstera cryptantha.

I definitely didn’t list everything but feel free to message me on insta @botanicalbailey for photos of anything!