Have! Looking for philodendrons but open to offers

I currently have
Bonnie (curly) Spider Plant - rooted
Black Jewel Orchid - rooted (I think)
Peperomia polybotrya - rooted
Pilea peperomioides - rooted
Jade plant - rooted

Can take cuttings of:
Golden pothos
Purple tradescantia
String of hearts

Open to offers.

Hey, I’m interested in the black jewel orchid, is there anything of mine that takes your fancy, check out my Instagram :blush:

@Carla-Louise-Bailey Yeh no problem. I have checked and they are rooting and starting to throw out new growth. I am struggling to reply to inbox message because I can’t work this site :joy::joy:
Picture attached.
Yeh sure. Can you direct me to your insta?

Thank you :blush: yeah my insta is just my name

I have a philodendron scandens cutting that is rooted and already has new growth on that I would be happy to trade for some of the black jewel orchid!

Hi , I was looking for a string of hearts and/or a wandering jew, you can see what I have in my profile and let me know if you’d like to trade, thanks

Hey @Cally,
I have string of hearts and wandering jew I could propagate for you.
I tried your profile but didnt manage to see what you have - perhaps it is a permissions issue? I find this site a bit confusing sometimes. :sweat_smile:

Let me know!