Have: long strand of monstera standleyana


want: unique philos, hoyas, and anthuriums.

some wishlist plants:
philodendron: ring of fire, melanochrysum, pasta, ghost, or squamiferum
anthurium: ace of spades, vittarifolium, pallidiflorum, warocqueanum

feel free to msg me on IG: @stay.rooted_

Hi! I have Hoya carnosa, a variegated variety (might be krimson queen, but doesn’t show as much pink as some I’ve seen) and a green variety. I don’t have any small rooted guys, so it would just be a fresh cutting, but I would be happy to trade cuttings of either (or both).

hi! i have those hoyas already but thank you for the offer (:

Hi, I have hoya obscura and hoya bella. I could trade both