HAVE: Llano Carti Road cuttings. ISO: mottled syngonium or unusual aroids

I really would like compostpartinum if possible

IDK how rare these are but I have:
Philo pedatum, Philo grazielae, Philo birkin and 2 different varieties of syngonium

Hi, thank you, but I already have those:)

I have a small pink splash plant I could trade.

I would also consider trading my PP cutting of you have dark treubii, too, and wanted that. :blush:

Hi, I have the pink splash, thank you! I don’t fully understand the second message though…

Sorry! I have a pink princess I could swap if you’re interested.

No worries! I do have one, but I might be interested if it has more pink than mine. Do you a pic handy? Want to pm? You’re interested in carti rd yeah?