Have Ledebouria, Delosperma, Crassula, Callisia, Monstera, Pilea & more

I have cuttings of:
Sedum rubrotinctum
Lemon pelargonium
Delosperma lehmannii
Callisia repens
Ledebouria socialis
Crassula marginalis
Crassula muscosa
Muehlenbeckia complexa
Peperomia polybotria
Monstera deliciosa
Pilea pepermoides

As well as plenty of succs

Not looking for anything in particular so happy to swap for wgatever. Variegated or trailing plants are a bonus :slight_smile:

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@Selina hey would you be happy to swap rhipsalis cuttings/rootings for strawberry begonia babies and/or Ceropegia woodii? Thanks

Hi @Florence I would be happy to swap for the strawberry begonia (I already have a ceropegia)
I don’t have rooted cuttings of this at the moment but will take you fresh ones. Pls send me a DM :slight_smile:

Hi! Would love a Deliciousa or some succs!

I have:
Peperomia Rotundifolia
Jade plant
Stapelia Variegata (I think)
Crassula Rupestris
Mother of millions 3” plantlets
Donkeys tail leaves