HAVE. Keylime pie succulent leaves, pilea, rhipsalis and more

Have about 15 calloused leaves from repotting my adromischus cristatus. Have a pot full of rooted tradescantia green hill. Have tons of variegated spider plant “babies” ( they are big). String of hearts. Rhipsalis. Two rooted parrot plant babies. An aloe that was given to me in a swap but I’m not really an aloe person… jade stems from a trim, limifolia (fairy washboard) in a small pot . And one baby pilea. Love trailing plants, Hoyas, pothos etc and succs. Anything variegated. Especially want ceropegia linearis peperomia prostrata and a dischidia nummularia.

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Hello, what you looking for?

Hi Mick mostly Hoyas, Pothos or hanging cacti and succulents. What are you interested in?

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I just love any plants. My partner is interested in Rhipsalis and Pilea. I’m currently loving my calathea’s. I just like swapping and growing new plants.

Is the Hoya rooted? I’d be happy to swap a baby Pilea, and some Rhipsalis cuttings for the Hoya and something else, do you have any philodendron?

The hoya is not rooted I would be able to take a few cuttings for you. Unfortunately no Philo as I’ve just managed to get myself a cutting from someone else and it’s struggling at present.

Okay so can swap Hoya for either or both of you have something else to swap?

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Currently only have the hoya. All other cuttings have been taken. Would love to swap for either, not too fussed.

Great pm your address and I’ll send it tomorrow x

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Excellent, my partner has just bought a Rhipsalis so the Pilea would be great. Is that OK? Will PM address

Hi Mick, did you get a receipt when you posted, as nothing has arrived still :thinking: I’m sad that I think they won’t make it because it’s been awhile!

Hello, I’m pretty sure I did. If they have not arrived then I will happily send more out to you. Sorry about this. The post office is a joke at times

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I still didn’t get them, in worried they will not survive of they arrive now!

Hi @Mickdaplantman still not received any swap from you?

Morning that’s not good to hear. I will send more out tonight when home from work if OK?

Ahh that is very kind. Thanks x

Hi, still not received anything, did you resend it?

Hi Mick I sent you maranta and stromanthe, and even added some epi. in too, for Hoya and fishbone you received yours, but nothing ever came for me :sob: did you resend?

Hi. I have peperomia prostrata, variegated prickly pear cacti (I could take sections to heal over?), satin pothos and a few others? What do you have available? :seedling::green_heart: