HAVE: Jewel Orchids, Polka Dot Plants, Coleus, Philos, Pothos & more

These are the current cuttings and plants I’ve got to swap:


  • N’Joy Pothos (rooted)
  • Manjula Pothos
  • Philodendron Micans
  • Tradescantia fluminensis ‘Tricolour’
  • Tradescantia fluminensis variegated
  • Tradescantia sillamontana ‘White Velvet’
  • Coleus (unknown dark pink variety)
  • Jewel Ochid Ludisia Discolor

Small Rooted Plants:

  • Begonia ‘Raddi’
  • Jewel Orchid: Macodes Petola
  • Hypoestes Sanguinolenta (Pink Polka Dot)

Large Rooted Plant:

  • Watermelon Peperomia

I’m interested in unusual and uncommon plants (except succulents or cacti) so show me what you’ve got! I have a lot of plants so I’m not interested in any of the super common houseplants.

I’m specifically looking for (or anything similar to):

  • Hoya Obscura
  • Philodendron ‘White Knight’
  • Calathea Orbifolia
  • Calathea Beauty Star
  • Ficus Elastica Moonshine
  • Anthurium Clarinervium
  • Syngonium Wendlandii
  • Alocasia Stingray
  • Epipremnum pinnatum Cebu Blue
  • Aglaonema pictum tricolor


Hi, I have hoya polyneura rooted cuttings and marble queen pothos ones if you are interested

I have a marble queen but I’d be interested in the hoya depending on what you’d like to trade for it :slight_smile:

I’d like the macodes petola but I don’t know if it will stand the trip. If you think so, I’ll go for the peperomia watermelon. Is that OK for you?

I have most of those, unfortunately. Thank you though.

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I’m hanging onto the jewel orchid and watermelon as trades for wishlist plants because they’re a bit more uncommon. Thank you though!

Hi there,
i have cuttings of Hoya sigilatis,Hoya Rosita, Hoya Rotundiflora, Monstera adensonii, satin pothos, Hoya linearis.

No problem :blush: I understand

Hi Sophie,

Would you like to swap a jewel orchid for an Epipremnum pinnatum Cebu Blue? I have a rooted cutting.

Anna :slight_smile:

Ah, thank you @EmLaLaPlant ! I don’t own a car so getting to and from IKEA is a hassle plus my local one doesn’t tend to have anything other than super common boring plants :sweat_smile:

@Anna That would be fantastic. Do you have a photo?

Here’s the jewel orchid; it’s rooted and putting out a new leaf!


Wow - beautiful! I’m at work at the moment but I’ll take a photo when I get home :slight_smile:

Hey I have some Calathea Orbfolia… I can take you a division…

Let me know!


Here’s a quick photo. The juvenile leaves are smaller and not pinnate like on the mature form of the plant. (Ignore philo billietiae sneaking into shot as usual…!)

That would fantastic! Here’s the manjula cutting: 57%201

Let me know if you’re happy to swap :slight_smile:

@Anna Perfect. I’ll send you a message so we can exchange details :slight_smile:

So pretty!

Here is the mother plant Orbifolia. I’ll take a division and send a picture tomorrow.

Thanks again Sophie!


Thanks for the tip. I know places where I can get all the plants on my wishlist, I just like to see if I can find them for trade before buying.


Hi Sophie, looking for a jewel orchid - any more going? I have calathea beauty star, I could separate off some for you x

Unfortunately not, sorry! :slightly_frowning_face: